Good News Everyone!

Good News!

2011 is starting off with a bang for me as I am pleased to announce that I will be heading to California in January to be part of Zerply for 5 weeks.

If you don’t know what Zerply is yet, you soon will. Think of it as a more approachable Linkedin with a lot more awesome

"The easiest way to present yourself professionally.”

I could not be more excited about the opportunity get my hands on a great piece of internet and even more so to spend time with a bunch of driven and inspired individuals.

Anyone that follows me on Twitter would of probably picked up on my frustration with client based work and the longing to focus on one product or service. I have no doubt this experience is going to make me a very happy man and teach me a great deal.

And hey, I’m only going to be in Mountain freeking View, breeding ground for internet greatness and home to such companies as Google, Mozilla, Evernote, Opera, Nokia and loads more. I’m going to have a huge geek out! (If anyone from Google is reading, Googleplex tour pretty pretty please?)

This is my first real trip out of the UK for a long time and I am keen to see the sights and meet some like minded individuals. So if you live in the area and want to meet up and talk internet drop me a line! hello[at]

Huge huge thank you to Zerply team: Christofer Karltorp, his lovely wife Eliza and Taaniel Jakobs for being absolute stars and helping me out with all sorts of everything and of course, wanting me to come over in the first place.

I will be posting regular updates/photos/videos right here from the whole 5 weeks. 

Geeky stuffs about the blog

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